Cherubini Group continues its consolidation with the strategic acquisition of Mi-Metal

10 фев 2023

Cherubini S.p.A. acquires 70% of Mi-Metal S.r.l.

Cherubini S.p.A. acquires 70% of Mi-Metal S.r.l., a company specialised in the production of integrated systems for roller shutters, successfully active in the major markets of Europe, Middle East and America.


Founded in 1947 and active in the sector of movement solutions for solar protection systems and Home Automation, Cherubini S.p.A. announces that today it has finalised the acquisition of 70% of the share capital of Mi-Metal S.r.l. creating together Cherubini Mi-Metal S.r.l.

Mi-Metal S.r.l. is a company owned by the Marchetti family that has been active in the production of roller shutter and garage door systems since 1948. Based in Barbarano Mossano (VI), it is active in the major markets of Europe, Middle East and America.

The acquisition of Mi-Metal S.r.l. makes it possible to complete the wide selection of motors and manual accessories for the movement of awnings, pergolas, roller shutters, blinds and screens with a whole series of integrated systems for roller blinds and garage doors, in particular rolls, pulleys, supports, plastic bottoms and tape coilers, making the Group the only player in the world able to offer the market such a wide range under a single brand name.

Today, Cherubini Mi-Metal S.r.l. joins other acquisitions made by the Group in recent years: DECHO S.r.l., components and mechanical machining provider, acquired in May 2020 - WiDom S.r.l., technology provider in the development, engineering and production of devices for the Smart Home, acquired in January 2020 - and D&B S.r.l., now Cherubini Electronics, acquired in January 2022 and specialised in the production and assembly of electronic boards. Thanks to the acquisitions, Cherubini is able to provide increasingly advanced, complete and Home Automation-oriented solutions.

The constant structuring of the Cherubini Group aims to grow the reality born in Carzago della Riviera (BS), today with more than 300 employees and a turnover of 60 million euros in 2022 and present with its branches in Spain, France, Germany, China and Turkey, expanding and structuring know-how, production capacity and distribution network to improve market penetration in Europe, America and Middle East, positioning itself among the main players in the industry for the development, production and distribution of movement solutions for different solar protection systems and Home Automation.


Massimo Cherubini – Chairman of Cherubini S.p.A.

"For the Cherubini Group, the partnership with Mi-Metal and the company's management team represents an important growth opportunity. We believe there is excellent complementarity both in terms of products and geographical areas covered by the respective companies, and therefore we believe we can do very well together, in Italy and abroad.
The growth project of the Cherubini Group does not end here: we are in fact analysing potential new development opportunities."


Marco Marchetti – Chief Executive Officer Mi-Metal S.r.l.

“My family and I are happy that Mi-Metal has become part of the Cherubini Group and that we are working towards a common growth path.
What convinced us of the project was a clear vision for the future as well as the great ease of dialogue with Cherubini's entrepreneurs and management. We are therefore confident that together we can play a leading role in the sector, in various countries.”


Francisco Sanchez – Chief Executive Officer Cherubini S.p.A.

“This acquisition, like the previous ones, is part of the M&A strategy undertaken by the Cherubini Group which aims to integrate new technologies, skills and solutions to respond to every market need in the industry of the movement of the solar protection systems, increasing its range, and consolidating the production set-up and structure to continue the path of product innovation; all this with an increasingly international horizon.”


Advisory Coverage

Cherubini S.p.A. was assisted by Oaklins Italy - Banca Akros, Banco BPM Group; legal services by Studio Legale Zaglio Orizio e Associati; tax services by Studio I Professionisti.


Mi-Metal S.r.l. was assisted by Opera Studio Commercialisti for tax services and LJlex Studio Legale for legal services.